Uganda, twice the size of Pennsylvania, is in East Africa. It is bordered on the west by the Congo, on the north by the Sudan, on the east by Kenya, and on the south by Tanzania and Rwanda. The country, which lies across the equator, is divided into three main areas—swampy lowlands, a fertile plateau with wooded hills, and a desert region. Lake Victoria forms part of the southern border. Uganda is ruled by a Multiparty Democratic Republic. (


Sickle Cell Patients (Sicklers)

We are currently serving over 79 Sickle cell patients. On the 17th of September 2009, four of the children were taken to Mulago hospital (the main hospital in Uganda) for review and were seen by Professor Ndugwa (The only sickle cell specialist in Uganda). On the same day it was decided by the Sickle Cell Association in the meeting that they would conduct a Sickle Cell Sensitization in Kayunga. I will be for one day only. We were hoping for a 2 day meeting. We are planning for an attendance of 200 people that may have Sickle Cells together with their guardians/parents. Our budget for this event is $600 USD.

BIosand water filters

In Sept, 2009 we were ablet to distribute 50 bio-sand water filters to families having persons infected with HIV/AIDS or those who have lost their loved ones to HIV/AIDS.

Altogether, during the delivery of the biosand water filter molds about 400 persons including children were met. The major challenges we faced during the delivery of the bio-sand water filters included the following:

1.We underestimated teh distanc ein the sense that we thought the activity would be accomplished in one day, however, it took 2 days.

2.On both days of the delivery, it rained heavily, making some of the roads impassable.

3.The truck we rented broke down on day one. Fortunately it broke down after we had finished the days work.

4.Transporting 25 molds on one small truck was quite challenging in the sense that some of them got small damages because they were so close together.

We are trusting God to provide us with a used truck. On the whole, the people were hapy to receive the bio-sand filter equipment and are looking foward o the the installation. We anticipate being able to make more molds and distribute them in the near future.


Thank you for your support. May the Good Lord Bless You All!

Prichard Kavuma, National Coordinator, Tender Mercies


In 2007, Harvest Seed International Foundation was introduced to Pastor Ronnie Nsubuga, who is the founder of Tender Mercies Outreach Ministries, Inc. Tender Mercies Outreach Ministries has a work in Jinga, Uganda, East Africa. Tender Mercies ministers to children who have been affected by the AIDS virus, and are now orphans.

These children are placed into homes where they are given food, shelter, education, and they are able to grow up in a family environment. The families that raise them are given the support and education they need to make sure that these children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. The parents who raise them are not only given food to help feed the children, they are also taught family hygiene/sanitation to help fight against the AIDS virus. They are also provided parenting skills to make sure the children are being well taken care. Vocational training is given to the guardians to help them become self sufficient.




$200 -- Monthly rent for school and office premises.

$200 -- Monthly food expense is to feed orphans.

$150 – This will purchase 4 bicycles to use as ambulances for transportation for patients to be taken to clinics. Donations of stationery, computers, mosquito nets, shoes, clothes, books and pencils can make a very big difference in the community.

$300 – To purchased a sewing machine buy supplies and pay the first month rent for a small shop. This will assist a widow in becoming self-sufficient. The recipient can then get contracts from local schools and make uniforms.

$50 -- $200 -- To buy seeds, farming equipment or a cow.

$100-$300 – To help a widow or single mother to start a business to become self sustainable.

$20,000 – To purchase land for development.

$50,000 -- To build offices to coordinate projects.

$80,000 -- To build an orphanage.

$150,000 -- To build the very first orphans school in our community. (plans are available upon request.)

Harvest Seed International Foundation began its relationship with Tender Mercies Ministries, Inc. in 2007.  Pastor Ronnie Nsubuga, uses a toothbrush technique to paint beautiful artwork that he sells to provide additional income for this ministry.For more information on how you can purchase one of these pieces of hand painted artwork, or for more examples of his artwork, you may call us at 410-998-9110.

Zebra Painting
Celebration Best painting
Giraffe Painting



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