India is one third the size of the area of the United States.  The Republic of India occupies most of the subcontinent of India in Southern Asia.  India borders on China in the North East.  Other neighbors are Pakistan on the West, Nepal and Bhutan on the north and Burma and Bangladesh on the east.

The country can be divided into three distinct geographic regions: the Himalayan region in the north which contains some of the highest mountains in the world and the Gangetic Plain and the plateau region in the south and central part.  Its three great River systems the Gengis, the Indus and the Brahmaputra have extensive deltas and all rise in the Himalayas. India's government is a Federal republic. (Information received from


In 2006, Harvest Seed International Foundation was introduced to Pastor Roy Mortha.  Pastor Roy oversees Rays of Cross Ministries located on the east coast of India, in Andhra Pradesh. 

In Andhra Pradesh people live in houses made of cement and sticks with palm branches on their roofs.  Many do not have electric, but those who do only have one or two light bulbs.  They live very simple and are quite content. 

Pastor Roy has been blessed with an abandoned dairy farm which he has converted into housing for 60 orphaned children and 35 elderly widows.  Pastor Roy rescues orphaned children before the local criminal gangs can apprehend them. These gangs prey on helpless orphans to sell them as sex slaves. Several times these thugs have tried to kill Pastor Roy and is family. God has kept them safe by His mighty power.

In March 2007, representatives of Harvest Seed International Foundation were sent to India to help Pastor Roy.  During this visit they were able to pick up trash and clean out the drainage ditches to help control the mosquitoes and begin instituting sanitation protocols.  The condition of the buildings and grounds were then evaluated to see how living conditions could be improved. Suggestions were made and discussions were held concerning the agriculture plans as to the best approach to mediate the problems. 

When they arrived, preparing and cooking their meals was done on the ground, as well as, post meal clean up.  Sickness from poor food preparation was common among the native residents, so during their stay, they helped to build a kitchen facility.  This was completed in March 2007.  The kitchen unit still needs piping and running water installed.  Water is currently imported in barrels every other day at high costs. Currently we support Rays of Cross Ministries, helping as much as possible by sending them money to buy food to feed the children and widows.   The need is great to run this type of facility.


($4,505) Monthly support for maintenance of home, staff salaries, teachers’ salaries, cooks, watchman, Gardner and Caretake and helpers; as well as, shoes and clothing for the children. 

($50) Purchase chickens and cows. 

($25,000) Flood wall around the property for safety.  Because of the threat of violence as well as animals intruding on the proerty a security fence is needed around the property.Security is the number one need. 

($60,000) Dormitory residential rooms - fixing the plaster on the walls, new flooring, fix the doors and windows.

($5,000) For a portable diesel generator for doing welding work.

($14,000) Bunk beds with matresses and bedding. The children and widows currently sleep on a concrete floor with a piece of plastic on it. 

($6,000) To fix the pipeline from the bore well.

($6,000) School supplies and playing items for the 12 classrooms (maps, pictures tables, chairs and fans).

($2,000) Office equipment and furniture and provide A/C for the office.

($3,600) Fans for dormitory rooms, staff rooms, and office.

($1,500) Two gas stoves and utensils

($25,000) Outreach van 20 member capacity

($10,000) Tractor for gardening

($250,000) Purchase 10 acres of land for rice crops

($4,000) Rickshaw for carrying goods for the house

($8,000), Two diesel generators 10 K.V.A. capacity


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