Haiti, in the West Indies,occupies the western third of the
island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican
Republic about the size of Maryland. Haiti is two thirds
mountainous with the rest of the country marked by great
valleys, extensive plateaus, and small plains. Haiti is a
republic with an elected government.
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What We Are Doing

Several artists have composed songs of hope and together are releasing a 13 track CD entitled "Haiti...Unto the Least of These". This compilation was intended for one purpose, to help the earthquake-torn nation of Haiti. Over the past few weeks people have donated resources, time, and talents to see this collaborative project come together. from songwriting, recording time, mastering, reproduction of cd, to graphics, packaging and promotion...this has been a labor of love nationally by many people. Artists are represented from the GMA (Gospel Music Association), C.S.M.I. (Christian Songwriters and musicians Intl.) and Indie heaven, and will be raising awareness throughout the year at their venues. The CD features 12 artists to include...Lara Landon, Bill Petty, Diane Di Stasio, Gene Schmidt, Paul Berkus, Deanna Loveland, Remnant, Joshua Scot, Naima Johnston, Jason Wyatt, Holly Hartz and Jeremiah Waddell.

Your generous gift of $15.00 or more will help "Harvest Seed International" and "New Reality International" reach their goals toward breathing life, liberty and hope once again, into the people and the nation of Haiti. Thank you for your generous support.

To pre-order a copy of this CD. Go to the donation page and with your donation of $15 or more type in Haiti CD and when the CD is released in Mid March, you will be one of the first to receive it.






Harvest Seed International is partnering with Westminster Church of God, Westminster, MD on a mission trip scheduled for July 16th through 23rd, 2010 to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Interested parties should contact Michael Ferrante at the Westminster Church of God office by calling 410-848-5537 or by emailing Mike at You may also contact us here at the HSIF OFFICE at 410-998-9110 ext. 108 and ask for Beth Waddell.




Dear Family and Friends,

We are writing this today with heavy hearts. Even though our hearts are heavy, our spirit and prayers are worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ because we know He is in control and He will never leave or forsake us.

We pray you are aware of the devastating 7.2 earthquake that his Haiti on January 11th, 2010, which has left Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capitol, in total ruin. There have been hundreds of people killed, children left orphaned and food and water that are in short supply.

In the past, we at Harvest Seed have asked for donations to help us supply the needs of the children and widows. With the urgency of our letter today, please help us with a donation so we can provide food, water, medical supplies, and necessities to the children, widows and the local community.

Back in September 2008 when the hurricanes hit Gonaives, Haiti, we had to evacuate our children down to Port-au-Prince which is where they have been living until the earthquake hit that area a few weeks ago. The children were relocated again back up to Gonaives to our pastor, Pastor Robert Compere's church, Love & Light Mission.



Our orphanage has been restored and the children moved back in the Mission House the beginning of February. We have also taken in an additional 12 children that were orphaned due to the earthquake and anticipate that we will take in more as the need arises. We currently have 22 children in our care.

Please continue to pray for our children and staff. They have been through some pretty difficult and emotional times. Thank you for your support.

Click on the "Donation" button to give today, or visit our contact page for other ways to give.YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Remember all your gifts are tax deductible.


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in Haiti.